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Daken 12" Stand Off Wires (25pk)

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72821D Daken 12" Stand Off Wires (25pk) $43.75

The Daken 12" Stand Off Wires stand the live wire off your fence by 12 inches, removing animal pressure.


72821D: Daken 12" Stand Off Wires (25pk) - $43.75 inc GST
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The Daken 12” stand off wires are a unique design that accommodates both plastic, Steely 72222D, Pinlock Y 72200D and the Large Porcelain reel 71500D. They are made from 3.8mm spring steel, the foot design can be twisted onto plain wire, barbed wire or ring lock fences. By crossing the legs of the stand off you lock the reel insulator in place, and if using a Pinlock you take the pressure off the insulator pin. The beauty of this wire is that you can add them where needed, if you are using the porcelain insulator and need to add a couple of extra wires you can add a Pinlock version without having to cut the wire.

  • Accommodates porcelain reel and Pinlock insulator
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable to most fences
  • Comes in pack of 25

12” Standoff c/w Porcelain reel, 72823D

12” Standoff c/w Steely Pinlock, 72822D

72821D: Daken 12" Stand Off Wires (25pk)

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