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VTX Submersible Pumps

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VTX7 5 VTX Submersible Pumps - VTX75 $298.99 $131.79
VTX12 0 VTX Submersible Pumps - VTX120 $498.99 $216.02

The VTX Submersible Pumps are not only suitable for use in both clean and dirty water but also in sewerage systems and agricultural irrigation.


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Submersible vortex pump for use with wastewater in industrial, commercial, agricultural and rural facilities. Built with copper winding, integrated thermal protector and stainless steel shaft this industrial pump allows particles up to 25mm in diameter to travel through its specifically engineered wide chamber, creating vortex style movement. Made of cast iron, this pump is manufactured for heavy duty use.

Applications include, wastewater in industrial and commercial facilities, drainage systems in sewage plants, drainage systems in residential applications and Field and Irrigation in rural applications.



  • Made of cast iron, manufactured for heavy duty use
  • Built in thermal protector
  • Stainless Steel Welded Shaft
  • Copper Winding
  • Insulation Protection Class B
  • Protection Class IP68
  • 10m Power Cable



  • 180W (0.25hp)
  • Outlet 40, 32, 25mm
  • Voltage 220/50Hz
  • Max Flow 133L/min
  • Max Head 7m
  • Max Diameter of particle 15mm


  • 430W (0.6hp)
  • Outlet 50mm
  • Voltage 220/50hz
  • Max Flow 200l/min
  • Max Head 8.5m
  • Max Diameter of Particles 25mm


  • Max. immersion
  • Max. Liquid temperature: +40C
  • Liquid pH value: 4 - 10
  • Liquid kinematic viscosity: 7x107 - 23x106m2/S
  • Max. Liquid density: 1.2x103kg/m3

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