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12KM Solar Plus+

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70453KW 12KM Solar Plus+ - Woody Pinlock $394.32 $339.01
70453KS 12KM Solar Plus+ - Steely Pinlock $394.32 $339.01

Huge Savings on your first time set up essentials in this Daken 12KM Solar Plus Kit.


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Available with Free Delivery Australia-wide or pickup from your nearest Clark Farm Equipment branch!

The Daken 12km solar electric fence kit is a system packaged ready to go. 
The system incorporates a BT12 12KM energiser, quality crystalline 10Watt universal Solar Panel, and Solar Mount with bonus battery and all the accessories to get you started to add to existing fencing.   


Package includes:

  • x1 BT12 12KM Solar Energiser Kit  - Energiser capable of powering up to 12km of fence, comes packaged with a 10W Solar Panel and Solar Mount.
  • x1 Daken DVM PLUS - Small portable and easy to use electric fence tester that allows you to test the energiser, fence and battery.
  • x1 Daken 12V 17AH Battery - 12V 17AH Battery suitable for electric fencing
  • x3 Electric Fence Warning Signs - A must for all electric fences as signage is a requirement by Standards Australia.
  • 1 x 200m Roll Poly Wire - Made in Australia from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament with high grade pigments and the maximum UV stabilizers. 
  • x5 Plastic White Bullnose Insulator - Ideal for used with tapes and poly wires, it is also suitable for shorter lengths of galvanised fence wire using lower strains.

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