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Equestrian Solar Kit

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7045QS Equestrian Solar Kit - Steel Wedgelock Post Insulator $456.01 $400.00
7045QW Equestrian Solar Kit - Wood Wedgelock Post Insulator $456.01 $400.00

The Daken Equestrian kit is a great system when you need a quick installation for your horses or cattle. Choose between Steel or Wood Wedge lock insulators!


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The Daken Equestrian Solar Kit is great for keeping your horses contained and unwanted guests out.
The kit is supplied with the BT12 Solar enegiser and accessories all you need for an easy installation or add to exsisting fence line. 


  • x1 BT12 12KM Solar Energiser Kit - Energiser capable of powering up to 12km of fence, comes packaged with a 10W Solar Panel and Solar Mount.
  • x2 100m Hot Tape 40mm - Densely woven Tape its 40mm width gives excellent visibility and great strength. Its best suited to short runs of fence where a neat look is desired and animal safety is a concern.
  • x5 40mm Live Joiner - This Live Joiner is ideal for connection to your energiser or other live lines.
  • x100 40mm Wedge lock Steel Post Insulator- Designed to complement the wide 40mm hot tape. The pin attached design fits to star steel posts with ease.
  • x100 40mm Wedge lock Wood Post Insulators - Designed to complement the wide 40mm hot tape. This model is designed to be nailed or screwed to a timber post.
  • x3 Electric Fence Warning Signs -  A must for all electric fences as signage is a requirement by Standards Australia
  • x4 40mm Hot Tape End Buckle - Buckle can be used as a termination point for 40mm tape, just tie off to an end strain insulator and weave the Tape Rail through to apply some tension.
  • x10 High strain Bullnose Insulator (Black)- The Daken High strain Bullnose Insulator is made from glass filled polyester, making it suited for the higher strain and longer length permanent fences.




 Battery Recommendation:

You will require a 12Volt (13.8Volt) battery to operate this BT12. 

A standard automotive battery is will be more than sufficient.

At minimum a 12V 20AH battery is perfectly suited to this Solar system

Look after your battery, Keep in a plastic battery box or container to protect it from the weather, and where possible keep it off the ground to stop it from self-discharging.


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